Monday, April 12, 2010

Let me introduce you to a gem...

...found right smack dab in the middle of the country.  A little place I call home.  A little place called...Kansas City, MO.

Thinking about my 5-6 daily readers, I know that most of you have already been to Kansas City.  Some for our wedding, others, well, are from here too.  But I've decided to do a little post about it anyway, just in case there's someone out there who happens to be both reading my blog and under appreciating Kansas City.

Perhaps it's because this is where I grew up, and if all goes well and your childhood is nice, you always have happy memories of the place you spent your youth.  Others see buildings and parks--you see the doctor's office where you got your braces off, and the park where your father taught you to ride your bicycle.  But having said that, I really do believe--as do most people who live here--that Kansas City is a hidden gem.  It's easy to get around, there's very little traffic for such a large metropolitan area, the people are unusually friendly, and for a place that most of the country considers a hick town, there's a lot of culture here: museums, jazz clubs (and a rich jazz history), an art institute, divey bars, and delicious restaurants.

This morning I sipped coffee out of my old chipped heart mug--my parents bought this for me one Saturday when I was about eight or nine at Pryde's Old Westport, the best kitchen store on Earth.

{ Have I mentioned to you my new favorite breakfast: yogurt, granola, and a spoonful of jam--quite good. }

Then I went down to the Plaza for some shooting, and here's what I found...

{ Goodness gracious I love tulips.  These have such vibrant color that they came out looking psychedelic on my camera. }

{ In the parking garage, I spied a birdie--I was worried that she was hurt, but I think she was just getting out of the sun for a bit. }

 { Then I walked over to Brush Creek and took photos from the footbridge.  The footbridge is in honor of our sister cities, many of which were very exotic! }

{ And though the Spring is magnificent in all its splendor, I still think the remnants are pretty and poignant. }

{ After my shoot walk, I headed home to blog and on the way picked up a sandwich from the best sub shop on Earth--Mr. Goodcents!  $4.69 for a sammy! }

Just a few things I love about this place.  I think if I ever do write a novel, I will set it here in my homeland.  There may be more photos to come, tomorrow I'm planning on venturing down closer to the creek where I can get some more dramatic (think wasteland) shots.


  1. Thanks for the shots of home. Made me miss it. How long are you there for? Andrew and I are back for Mother's Day! Looking forward to more photos.

  2. I'm so glad you liked the shots. Looks like I'll just miss you! It's a lot less fun here without you ; )


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