Thursday, October 20, 2011


This is our first full autumn in Colorado, and I have to say it has made my love for this magical state grow deeper.  After living in Virginia where fall doesn't come till November 15th, I've really enjoyed the wild and unpredictable temperature swings here (snow one Saturday, 80s the next), and the leaves that while not as wildly colorful as back East, are striking in the brilliant and constant Colorado sunshine.

I know people really go on and on about the beauty and majesty of Colorado, but it's really my mom says, there's something about the mountains and the vistas and the peaks that reminds you of how truly tiny you are in the scheme of things. 

This past week loved ones from the northeast came to visit and we traveled all around seeing beautiful scenes in every direction.

We also partook of the unbelievably tasty beers of Colorado (the Napa of beer!).

Echo Lake, snow & 46 degrees:


{Odell Brewing and Equinox Brewing in favorite city Fort Collins}
favorite at Odell's--Isolation Ale

favorite, Autumnal Alt

{Great Divide in Denver}
favorite, Hibernation Ale

It feels like it's really fall (not just me pushing the seasons), so I give you permission to make this apple yogurt cake (I did last night) and buy a Yankee candle that smells like your mom's pumpkin pie (I did that too). 

Under the October twilight the water mirrors a still sky...*

Hope you have a little time to take notice.  



  1. Great new beers thanks to the "3-sip rule" {new to me}. Now we will have some ales sitting next to our cabernets.

  2. Yes!! So nice to share quality time with you guys Mrs. H.


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