Thursday, June 3, 2010

Poor little bookworm

I really relate to this New Yorker cover:

But the desire for extra schooling can actually be blamed entirely on my parents--more specifically, on my mom's large book collection: Book Owners Have Smarter Kids,  And my dad saw fit to read me T.S. Eliot by the age of three, so I'm completely doomed.

Best part of the article: according to a study, "...simply giving low-income children 12 books (of their own choosing) on the first day of summer vacation 'may be as effective as summer school' in preventing 'summer slide' -- the degree to which lower-income students slip behind their more affluent peers academically every year."

Hope for our weary world folks, hope for our weary world...

Seriously, the oil spill is making me scream and stomp.  I'll concede the argument that God gave us oil along with water and all of the creatures that live in or near the water, but we all just need to buy bikes now.

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