Friday, June 18, 2010

Celtic Pride

This day started out wonderfully.

We're talking tea, with a really funny name...

Yes, I NEED my morning thunder.

And it was supped against an inexplicably beautiful backdrop...

And accompanied by a good book, and a good fruit...

Then in the evening I met cute husband at a pizza joint--we hadn't seen each other in three days.  It was a joyful reunion.  The reason we went to the pizza joint was to watch the beginning of the Boston Celtics-LA Lakers basketball game.  It was game 7.  High stakes.

We left after the first quarter and headed for home--the Celtics were up, we had great hope, though of course we lived in fear, as any true fan will.

Nearly six years ago, in the winter of 2004, a college girl sat in her heat-less, mouse-infested apartment in Boston, Mass. sipping her morning coffee.  The anchor of the early morning local news came on the television and reported that the Boston Celtics had lost yet another game.  With a dismissive grin and a shake of his head he said, "Ah, folks.  The Celtics aren't just bad, they're completely irrelevant."

Meanwhile, the college girl's boyfriend--a die hard NBA basketball fan--often spoke to her about his favorite basketball player, a man--an intense, passionate man--by the name of Kevin Garnett.  They called him KG for short.  He played--toiled, really--for an abysmal team called the Minnesota Timberwolves.  The college girl's boyfriend worried that he would be stuck in cold and unforgiving Minnesota forever, never living up to his potential, the world never knowing how great he could be.

A couple of years passed, the college girl and her boyfriend left Boston for good.

Then, like a miracle, in 2007, that player--KG--got traded.  To the irrelevant Boston Celtics.  And in June of 2008, KG and the Celtics won the Championship.  They beat the LA Lakers.  And oh the victory was sweet.

The no-longer college girl and her boyfriend celebrated by getting married that very month, and nearly two years into their marriage, there was a rematch.  Lakers v. Celts in the Finals.

They watched each game with their hearts in their throats. 

And on the evening of June 17th, 2010 as the clock neared 10pm mountain time, their hearts were broken.  The Celtics lost.

Doc Rivers--the majestic coach, Rajon Rondo--the boy wonder, Paul Pierce--the warrior, Ray Allen--the shooter, Big Baby (Glen Davis)--the gentle giant, and Kevin Garnett--the unbreakable heart of the team.  They lost.

And though our hearts are broken, to loosely quote Denzel Washington in Remember the Titans, "They're Hall of Fame in our book."

I love you guys.

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