Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Writing diet

I'm going to take the advice of a few different people and start another story.  I've got the seed of an idea in my head--it popped in last night during my second glass of wine.  I won't share it yet because every time I talk about an idea it somewhat jinxes it for me--ruins the act of discovery that is writing.  Not giving up on the Christmas story as a submission piece, just trying to keep my options open.  And I'm going to go about this one differently.  Starting today and ending next Friday, with Saturday & Sunday as editing days, I must write 3 pages a day.  Three pages per day for 8 days is 24 pages and that's long enough for a submission piece.  And there's not going to be any excuses.  I MUST WRITE 3 PAGES...NO MATTER WHAT.  I can't obsess that they're not perfect or decide to call it quits because I'm having a bad brain day.  I've just got to get a story on paper.  After it's on paper, I can go into obsession mode while I try to fix it up.

To clear my head, I'm off to take a shooting walk (where I just go outside and take a long stroll with camera in hand) in the beautiful dusk light.  Then, two pages still to go for today.

I'll update you daily on my progress.  And feel free to leave nasty comments if you sense I'm getting off task.  Time for some tough love.

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