Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How the pros do it

Today was a major writer's block day.  I was so desperate that I did a Google search for "novel ideas" (I'd worked myself into a frenzy and decided to give up on the short story and start a novel.  Don't worry, that didn't really last).

But my Google search found a very cool page via NPR where established writers describe their cures for writers block, where their motivation to write comes from, et cetera. 

It helped me to read that famous writers get writer's block too and that they set a 5 page goal for the day and come midnight only have 3 paragraphs.  And that they go on too long letting certain characters ruminate only to realize after about 10 pages that nothing has happened in the story.  Obviously, they've been able to overcome these things, and it gives me a little flicker of hope that I can too.

Peruse a few: Novel Ideas.

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