Monday, November 9, 2009

My fascinating mind

My oh so writerly mind this morning.  (Remniscent of the movie Adaptation, though decidedly less funny.)

I’m really glad I thought of this last night, glad I remembered it, better get this down.  [Sound of typing.]  This is bad, this doesn’t sound like something that would be reviewed in The New York Times Book Review as “redefining contemporary American fiction as we know it,” why am I doing this, why didn’t I major in business?  I should have done some sort of new media/communications major, my college was well known for that.  I could have just gone to my adviser--what a weird guy--and just said, I want to be in television production and he would have just transferred me to that department.  Could I go back?  I bet they would take back someone who had already graduated but had yet to use the degree--it would be a guilt thing or a least I could appeal to that emotion in my essay.  I wish I was a producer on Morning Joe--or even a makeup artist, not that I could actually do that, but it would get my foot in the door.  I have two paragraphs, but now where is this going?  I mean do I talk about her husband now?  Is he depressed?  Every husband in stories is depressed.  I need more coffee but I’ve had too much coffee.  What should I get [insert your name here] for Christmas?  I should make a list of all the people I need to buy presents for...

[10 minute break to do that]

[10 minute surf of for gift ideas]

I think I'll make some chive cream cheese now.

(See the next post for fruits of my labor--the two paragraphs of writing, not the chive cream cheese.)

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