Tuesday, July 5, 2011

This Fourth of July weekend we went to Crazy Mountain Brewery, a little hole in the wall that I thought for sure wouldn't be that good...

...but we didn't try a beer we didn't like and they had the most beautiful big-headed pup running around their little establishment as the taps flowed and people ran in and out for more and more of their tasty concoctions. 

I took many photos this weekend thinking I'd do a montage, but this one just said it all for me for some reason.  Fourth of July is one of those holidays that I think is so much better when you're a kid--the fireworks still amaze, the heat isn't that big of a problem, you're happy at some festival getting your face painted with American flags and eating hot dogs with the ketchup dripping...

So I could relate to the wistful gaze of this animal, like he was remembering something.

Hope it was a happy weekend in the sun for all of you!


  1. Now, that's a pup!!! I just saw this post even though it's a couple of weeks old. I'm glad you had fun at the Brewery. . We'll need to go there with you sometime. For now, I want a cute dog like this one . . and a cold one. .

  2. Whenever I'm feeling a little low, I just think of Katie saying, "Now that's a pup!" and I feel better. Can't wait to go brewery touring with you guys soon!


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