Monday, November 29, 2010

It's the holiday season!

And I think you know how I feel about that...ecstatic!  ebullient!  jaunty and jolly!  I can hardly concentrate on the details of daily life, knowing that Christmas music, Christmas movies, Christmas shopping, and Christmas baking are now socially acceptable!

Thanksgiving with cute husband turned out to be a very happy day--we cooked a whole meal by ourselves and I have to say we had a real sense of triumph at the end of the day knowing we could pull it off in such a tiny kitchen and with such meager major-meal-making experience. 

But.  The very best part of Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving morning when I awoke and what to my wondering eyes should appear as I walked oh so nervously into my kitchen dreading the drudgery ahead...

That's our elf Rufus.  He brought me 2 varieties of sea salt dark chocolate and a copy of Disney's A Christmas Carol. 

And now the season is in full swing...


  1. OH MY GOSH!!!! You got an elf!!I think Rufus might be a great nephew of Baldy. I'm so excited that you now have your very own elf. It's a sign you two kids are growing up. (Now that's a strange concept. that when you're grown up, you have your own elf. .Some folks might laugh at that ) Congratulations on Rufus. . and on feeling legit about celebrating the joys of the season. I just started "hauling out the holly" today and though it's a daunting task,it's so fun seeing all those familiar Christmas items once again. Your Jaunty(just like you) little tree is in it's place on our kitchen counter and Katie's cute little Christmas angel is on our fridge(until she someday gets her own place)and there's only 10 or 11or so more boxes to unload. Yay for our favorite season . and December first . one of the best days of the year. It's all ahead of us and there's nothing better than that.Wishing you were here to deck those halls with us. Love to both of you and keep in touch at this, the most wonderful time of the year!!!!!!

  2. Two more things.. .. the above post and this one are not from Mr. Dave. . they're from Mrs. Dave (bet you figured that out. . )I was on the computer under Dave's email so hence the mistaken identity. Second thing. . Rufus is quite a dapper and spiffy elf. Old Baldy could take a lesson in style from him.He must shop at Banana Republic!!!


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