Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fallish favorites

Fall is just a brilliant season--seriously, a genius move on the part of whoever thought up this little universe of ours.
The leaves, the spices and flavors, the slight change in the weather, it's all a perfect lead-up to my most favorite season, that being winter.

Now a few seasonal loves...

Cute husband calls the combination of Old Chubb and Scotch the perfect concoction for autumnal liquid courage.  Sad but true.

Now, on to liquid strength...

I have been searching for a tasty creme brulee whole bean coffee since my mom told me such a thing existed, and, well, as I should have known from the very start of my search nearly 3 years ago, Harry & David delivered.  Snowflake coffee mugs from IKEA also help the flavor for a winter-wisher like me.

And, well, how do I put this...ah yes, the greatness and glory of fall has now been bottled.  Get yours today, morning will be less painful.

Happy Halloween indeed.  For me the commercials are true, the absolute scariest part is having to give away all of my Reese's.


  1. Having just been to O'Dell brewery for dark beer and to Estes Park for Pumpkin Spice Latte your post rings true.

  2. Aw sounds like a wonderful way to spend the fall days--hope you're enjoying beautiful Colorado with B&L!

  3. Yay for a new post!! I love winter but to me, there is no prettier time than Fall!! And this has been a nice one in WNY. I can't wait to share some Old Chubb with you.. . and have a little pumpkin latte.Keep on writing ok? I love your blog.


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