Friday, January 29, 2010

Three stages of creativity: inspiried, uninspired, re-inspired

Friday afternoon and my writing day is winding down--I didn't get nearly as much done today or this week as I wanted to, so I'm promising myself that this weekend and next week I'll do better and work harder at sticking with it.  My March 1st deadline is creeping up on me; I spent January in such a fog that it kind of passed me by.  Cute husband and I are finally going to see Crazy Heart this evening, a movie we've been dying to see (but we live in a place where movies take a long time to get here), so I'm hoping it will be a chance to enjoy a really great story and will re-inspire me for some writing time tomorrow.  I love the movie's tag line: "The harder the life, the sweeter the song."  I also highly recommend looking into the music of Ryan Bingham (yes, odd coincidence that he has the same name as the main character of another great movie, Up in the Air) who wrote some of the tunes for the movie.  The link to Crazy Heart above takes you to a website that plays one of his songs for you.  Corey gave me two of his albums for Christmas and we really love them.

Rumor has it there's snow in the forecast for tomorrow, and what's more romantic than sipping a cup of tea and working on your story while the windows darken with snow.  Sounds pretty nice to me.

But speaking of being re-inspired, wanted to share with you this card from my mom that arrived in the mail yesterday:

Yep, so true.  And much needed at this juncture.  Thanks Mom.

Have a happy weekend all.  Find a little thing that inspires you and just run with it.  See where it takes you, it might be a nice place.

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