Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Memories and possibilities

So sorry I've been so quiet these last few days my dears, but I've been in that magical place we call home.  Cute husband is in law school finals and we've made it a little tradition for me to kind of get out his way during finals and visit my parents for a few days.  It's a little post-Thanksgiving/pre-Christmas breather for me (which I feel guilty about since Corey is sweating and suffering over giant books with super small type supposedly written in English, lord knows I can't understand them--yes, law books are just the pits).  Mom and I have been doing our Christmas elf errands and in the evenings we reconvene with my dad and have been enjoying warm delicious meals and great chats (the talks not the cats).  And, a major bonus: there's a winter storm going on!  As you know, my new geographic location has left me longing for cold blustery days and finally I've been given a few!  It's just so much easier for me to be in the spirit when I feel a bit of cold chapping my cheeks.

It's late and I want to take full advantage of my last few hours here by curling up on my parents' comfy couch and enjoying just being in the happy place in which I grew up, so I will let brevity rule the night.  But I just wanted to say hello and tell you that I've got about four ideas for that Christmas story I promised you.  It's exciting to think about sitting down to write this thing when I get home tomorrow.  We'll see if I'm still this optimistic in two days, but for now I'm embracing the ever-present possibility that exists in writing--the story not yet told, but slowly moving forward into complete view.  It's exciting to imagine what might be there (kind of like Christmas morning).

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  1. My room is extremely messy. There's a pile of clothes (recently laundered), 2.5 feet tall on the bed. There are papers scattered all around the desk and empty cans of Rip It on top of old envelop coasters.
    I REALLY think you should get cooking on this story (and some others) yes?


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