Friday, October 30, 2009


Hello most loved and loyal readers of my writing blog.  If you're back to read this post, it means you've stuck with me through my most demoralizing writing week yet since the start of this blog.  If you missed my one person pity party (as my mom likes to say), see my last post.  Yes, it got a little hairy there over the last few days.  I think it had something to do with going away last weekend and then having to crash back into the "work week," which for me normally consists of a lot of frustration, but this week was even worse.  Unfortunately, when I have a period where I've got no ideas and nothing's getting done I immediately start to question all of my choices again and wonder if I'm really doing the right thing by pursuing writing.  But I've resolved to give myself at least another week, and I will be back at it on Monday if you're willing to stick with me.  Hopefully I'll even be able to do a little writing this weekend and I can share some of the fruits of my labor next week

Like I've said before, the dark days are just as much a part of the writing experience as the days of sunshine and roses.  And I have to think that the bad times, where I'm questioning everything and doubting every idea I ever had, somehow all add up to something in the end, and contribute to better writing come tomorrow, or next week.

With all that said, may you eat warm fall meals this weekend, and sip warm drinks from mugs with fall color schemes, and have just enough trick-or-treaters that you have a few sweet treats left over for yourself, and may you have a very happy Halloween!

Photos: (1) thanks to Mark Bittman's Kitchen Express for the fancy grilled cheese recipe (apples with Gruyere cheese on sourdough bread), (2) thanks to Lauren for the Trader Joe's Pumpkin Butter recommendation--it's now an addiction, (3) and thanks to Mom for, among other things, always sending candy...


  1. I'm willing to stick with you! :)

  2. I'm so glad you like the pumpkin butter. I have to live my Trader Joe's fantasies through you... I was also reminiscing about dressing up like the Wizard of Oz... so glad to stay inside instead this year.


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